The story of Palestine and its people is wrought in complexities. Much has been written and spoken about it over the decades and the ground swell of activism, conflict and peace resolutions that have come to pass, bear testimony to its tumultuous history.

Invariably, the body of work in the public domain today is largely geared towards stories that speak to the atrocities and injustices visited upon the people of Palestine – stories that are important and integral to the larger discussion on human rights, statehood and the politics governing the Arab world.


Our story chooses to focus on the young, disenfranchised, Palestinians who have chosen the path of creativity over conflict as a response to the world around them.

The individuals featured and the experiences shared by them, speak to a collective reimagining of what resistance in the face of aggression can look like.

Resistance that has taken the shape of music serenading patrons at the local watering hole, art that adorns the walls lining pavements and poetry gushing forth from the lips of brave women and men who know no other language.

Occupied is the story of young Palestinians debating the choices made and the path walked – while decoding a future that is equal parts promising and uncertain.

It is their celebration of life, love and hope, set against the backdrop of persecution and marginalization, with a singular belief at its core – in the end, love always wins.

Director’s Note

We find ourselves living in increasingly intolerant times, where far right wing ideologies aren’t operating on the fringes any longer – they now hold offices at the highest levels of governance across the globe. Racism, xenophobia and minority persecution have become institutionalized and the threats to free speech and public dissent have never been deadlier.

This is where my understanding of the world around me, built on the privilege my background afforded me, rescued me and set me on the path of learning and self-realization. To seek out the good around me.

Which is why it should come as no surprise that the Palestine-Israel conflict struck a chord with me. Every account I read, every film/documentary I saw, anything I heard – it only made me want to learn more about the land and its people. It wasn’t enough to hear and see what other people thought of the conflict or the people that were living through it. I had to form my own opinions.

Long story short, a year ago we landed in the West Bank, Palestine and 10 months ago, we started working on what would become a 5 part series and a long form documentary – Occupied.



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